The newest wines from Italy are its oldest wines. In fact, its bright, most fashionable production zone is what one winemaker calls "the world's first DOC." Wines that had their last moments of glory under such dubious epicures as Caligula and Nero are now back in the spotlight. Learn the local grape names - aglianico, falanghina, fiano - because Southern Italy is, at long last, rising again and Joaquin is the perfect example.

2006 Aglianico Extreme Compania IGT

750 ml/6 pk


Exotic and wild, with fantastic concentration, rich fruit and toasted oak character. Full-bodied, with fabulously integrated tannins and a long, long finish. A real beauty here. Best wine from this appellation in decades.

2006 Aglianico Vinification in Bianco Iviaggi IGT

750 ml/6 pk


Doesn't hold any punches. Great with creamy dishes. Glorious aromas of ripe, exotic fruit, caramel, cream, and cloves. Full-bodied and slightly off-dry with a big, juicy fruit structure.

2007 Falanghina JQN 106 Campania IGT

750 ml/6 pk


Needs big, rich food. Very ripe aromas of pineapple, apple and caramel. Full-bodied, soft and round, with lovely, slightly off-dry flavors of apple pie, vanilla and exotic fruit. Gorgeous.

2007 Fiano JQN Campania IGT

750 ml/6 pk


Balanced, with licorice, vanilla, berry and mineral character on the nose and palate. Full-bodied, silky and very long. Caresses every inch of your palate.